Experience the power of smart lighting, as it transforms your living spaces with intuitive controls, vibrant colors, and automated features that adapt to your lifestyle.

Smart Lighting Installation in Missouri


Can I control smart lighting with my voice or smartphone?

Yes, one of the main advantages of smart lighting is the ability to control it using voice commands or smartphone apps. Many smart lighting systems are compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit, allowing you to conveniently control your lights with simple voice commands or taps on your smartphone.

Do I need a hub or additional devices for smart lighting installation?

It depends on the specific smart lighting system you choose. Some smart lighting systems require a hub or bridge for connectivity, while others operate independently using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. We will go over all the options and the requirements of each with you, so you can find the lighting solution that best suits your home!

Is it possible to install smart lighting in my existing fixtures?

Absolutely! Smart lighting is compatible with a wide range of existing fixtures, including lamps, ceiling lights, and outdoor lighting. One easy option that we install frequently is simply replacing your current light bulbs with smart bulbs or use smart switches to control your existing lights.

Is smart lighting installation require rewiring?

Most smart lighting systems often requiring minimal wiring or no wiring at all.

How soon can I schedule to have my smart lighting installed?

The timeline for your smart lighting installation depends on several factors. However, the sooner you reach out to us, the quicker we can schedule and complete your installation. At After 5 Electronics, we prioritize prompt service and strive to arrange appointments as soon as possible. By being flexible with your schedule, we can expedite the installation process. Additionally, we understand that many individuals have busy schedules, which is why we offer evening availability. Our extended hours ensure that we can accommodate customers with diverse schedules, providing convenience and flexibility to meet your needs.



Unlock endless possibilities with smart lighting, granting you the freedom to create the ideal ambiance for any occasion, whether it’s a cozy evening indoors or a cinematic experience at home. Enjoy unparalleled control and versatility, as smart lighting elevates your space by offering a multitude of options to suit your preferences and enhance your environment.

Transform your home’s ambiance with smart switches, effortlessly setting the perfect atmosphere in every corner. Whether you want to control lighting throughout your entire smart home or focus on specific areas, smart switches provide seamless control and flexibility. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free setup, allowing you to add multiple switches without the need for extensive wiring.

Experience unparalleled customization with smart bulbs, offering vibrant, dimmable, and colorful lighting that effortlessly transforms your space within seconds. Simply screw in a light bulb or plug in a lamp, connect through an app, and embrace the endless possibilities.

Illuminate your environment with versatile lighting strips that enhance the mood, whether they’re tucked behind a cabinet, along the porch railing, or discreetly placed behind your TV. Wherever you position your smart LED strip, prepare to be amazed by the vibrant burst of colorful light it brings. Call After 5 Electronics today to upgrade your lighting experience and embrace the convenience, versatility, and energy efficiency of smart lighting solutions.


  • Why Choose After 5 Electronics?

  • At After 5 Electronics, we understand the demands of homeowners and the importance of providing flexible service options. That’s why we are available seven days a week, accommodating appointments at any time of the day, including after 5 pm until 9 pm. We strive to work around your busy schedule, ensuring that you don’t have to take time off from work to meet with us. Our goal is to provide convenience and convenience alone, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free experience while getting the expert installation services you need.
  • At After 5 Electronics, we take pride in being quality installers who strive to make your life hassle-free. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to ensuring that the installation project is done right the first time, with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to delivering aesthetically pleasing results.

    We understand that every homeowner may have questions or concerns, which is why we are here to provide thorough and comprehensive answers. Our team is always ready to address any inquiries you may have, ensuring that you feel confident and informed throughout the entire process. With After 5 Electronics, you can expect a seamless, hassle-free experience and the highest level of customer satisfaction.


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